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Free Financial Planning: My Response to COVID-19

I am waiving all my hourly financial planning fees, effective immediately, to help anyone, anywhere in the country.  In these times when so many Americans are feeling both emotional and financial stress, everyone should have access to someone with a financial planning and financial therapy background without fretting over the fee. I am here to help on a voluntary basis. Based on my research, expertise, and experience, I have been predicting a major market disruption for some time (although I did not expect it to be a pandemic). As a result, we have been allocated primarily to strategies that provide steady cash flow while simultaneously insulating from even severe market losses. Consequently, I am not at all frantic at this time. The only calls I have received are from folks whose accounts I do not manage seeking what my research is showing and a game plan moving forward. Many people are distraught over what has happened to their investments, what risks lie ahead, and what they shou