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Crucial Financial Data You Are not Receiving

  by Gregory Gann      Crucial Financial Data You Are not Receiving        A)     The End of Quantitative Easing   The mass build-up of worldwide debt came to a head for whatever reason in 2008. We were on the verge of a great depression. The crisis called for swift emergency action. It initiated in the United States in a grand experiment known as Quantitative Easing, and was mimicked across the globe. Quantitative Easing is the process of printing money and using that money to buy assets from banks with intentions of cleaning up the banks' balance sheets and to lower interest rates. Interest rates declined to the lowest levels in history with many rates actually turning negative. This meant that lenders were paying borrowers to lend from them. (Unbelievable).   The U.S. formally ended this process in 2014. And, from the date the program ended i